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Moving your piano requires a matter of skill, tactics, special equipment and experience. We have the knowledge and experience to go into any situation and assess the intricacies of a piano move and properly construct it’s safe and secure transportation.

Before I get too far with this, I'm going to put out a disclaimer: Hire a professional moving company to perform your hoisting needs. There are so many things that can happen, from the furniture being damaged or destroyed to somebody being seriously injured. Hoisting furniture is a skill that can take years to hone in on, and even us professionals are careful to only pick our experts for all jobs that require furniture hoisting.

So how do you know when a hoist is sufficient, and when you might need to use a hydraulic lift or a crane? These factors will help you decide what will be the right choice for your move.

When you call us for piano moving, please be equipped with as much of the following information as you can so we can provide an accurate price:
  • Is it an upright or grand piano?
  • Make or model of piano
  • Height of upright
  • Length of grand
  • Do you have stairs?
  • Number of stairs or flights
  • Are there turns in the stairs? 90 degree or 180 degree
  • Type of flooring – hardwood, carpeted, concrete
Types of stairs include:
  Consecutive StairsConsecutive Stiars:
these stairs are one way with no turns, inside or outside.
  L Shape Stairs:
These stairs are designed with a 90 degree turn and a landing area on which the piano may or may not be placed.
  Pie Shaped Stairs:
Same as L Shape above but with no true landing.
  U Turn Stairs:
These have a 180 degree turn and landing.
  Spiral Staircase:
Perhaps the most difficult, please provide dimensions.
Baby Grand Piano
Standard Upright
Wrapped Piano
Preparing the Pathway
The Men In Action
Piano Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home

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